Research Chemicals | Research Chems

Our Research Chemicals known as Research Chems are manufactured here within the United States at our local facility where we maintain a high level of production for the highest purity on the market. We specialize in making sure our products or Research Chems are produced with levels of 98% plus purity levels. A Research Chemical is a designer product that is used in research to help determine the effects of what is being tested and how it will react. Gen X Chemicals had been producing these Research Chems for over 10 years and shipping our products in the United States and Worldwide with great success and high praise from our customers and from our dealings with our Pharma companies we deal with. We strive to produce a great Research Chemical and we excel on our customer service to ensure that our customers have a constant contact with our staff with any issues they may encounter or questions they may have regarding the Research Chemicals we produce and market for research. Our corporate office has been expanding since we entered into the online service industry. Gen X Chemicals incorporates the latest technologies to mix, weigh, and ensure proper procedures in the development of our entire lineup of products.